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AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 Lite


This live wallpaper lets you display animated GIF images (like cinemagraphs) in the background of your home screen.Please note that this is a "Lite" version and so displays a tiny watermark in the corner, plus ads in the settings screen. If you like the app please support us and either buy the "Pro" version on the Market or donate $1.99 in-app to remove the watermark (but not the ads)!
* Consumes very little power and CPU, thanks to a custom built, highly optimized native GIF-decoder library -- much improved from AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 1
* All Android 2.1 (and later) devices are supported that can use live wallpapers
* All GIF files - including very large ones - are supported, no exceptions!
* You can select multiple GIF files to be played after each other, or to be shuffled randomly
* You can choose from a couple of image scaling modes to fit the images onto the screen
* Enhanced GIF file picker with thumbnail images to quickly find your favourite GIF-s
If you are experiencing any issues, please write us an e-mail -- instead of a comment to which we cannot respond.
* "Full internet access" -- is needed to check if you have donated * "Read phone state and identity" -- is needed to identify who has donated: we generate a unique random number based on your phone, but none of the phone's specifics are collected * "Modify/delete SD card contents" -- is required to access GIF files on your SD-card